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If I were to tell you my location I would feel insecure as some of you could be 53 year old paedophiles who wish to rape me. But then if you did find me I'd most probably knock you out. So I'll just tell you. I'm under your bed. Jokes that would make me the paedophile. I live in Lipson, Plymouth, England, United kingdom, Europe, Northern hemisphere, Earth, Milky way, and I'm not as smart as my smart ass comments would suggest so I don't know what's after that.
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My job is being a teenager, this involves, girls. Rebelling against people such as parents, teachers, and in my case the police. I'm supposed to be learning at my age but I'm slow at taking boring stuff in, I can memorize adverts just like that *snaps fingers to show how freaking easy it is* but I never remember the important stuff. Being arrogant and ignorant. Taking the piss from everyone who's different, I don't actually mean it, and if you can be bothered to read below you'll find out, that is if you haven't collapsed in frustration of my descriptions. Constantly being bored. Finding new ways to get into trouble or some sh*t like that. Wearing a hoody 24/7. Watching too much tv and spending too much time on the computer. Getting more aggressive against everyone who's being a bit*h. And if you're me being a smart ass 24/7 and showing that you just don't give a fu*k.
Humor :
Well I laugh at the funny stuff. I think that almost everything is funny. My own jokes are mostly insulting towards a certain group of people, also known as bulling, stereotyping and discriminating, but I don't mean any offence towards anyone because I'm a nice person :3 If you can make me laugh then your not funny, you just happened to be there at the right time, I only laugh when I'm in a good mood which as my Job/hobbies section above suggests, I am rarely in a good mood. I also laugh when I think I can gain from it, a but like an office worker laughing at their boss so they get a pay rise, that makes me think, I always thought I wanted a job, it turns out I was just after the pay slip. And although I have contradicted myself in this statement it is still true.



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